The Top Bathroom and Kitchen Colour Trends for Today’s Show Home

There’s been a lot of talk about colours lately, and the emphasis has been on warm and soothing colours and inviting and welcoming. Whilst there are the classic colours that have already become a staple and a standard – such as neutral and earthy hues and natural tones such as dark green – there are also some colour combinations that have become true attention-grabbers, such as baby pink and teal green and bright red paired with charcoal grey and warm brown. But all these are good colours for the standard rooms such as living rooms and bedrooms – so what about bathrooms and kitchens? Whilst you can use the same colours for these two essential rooms in any home, they do have some colours that stand out. So if you’re planning to create a show home that pops, here are the top bathroom and kitchen colour trends for today’s show home.

The kitchen

  • The classics

Not to worry – the classics are still used, and many show homes still feature them because they have become the standard. So what colours are we talking about, then? Of course, we’re referring to colours such as white, navy blue, and grey! These colours are widely used in show home and regular home kitchens, and it’s not surprising since they exude a warm appeal that everyone finds comforting and familiar. But since we’re talking about trends, watch out – more and more kitchens are leaning towards pink and green, particularly when it comes to cupboards and cabinets. They might be bold and out there, but they’re great for that pop of colour you’ve been wanting.

  • Dark cabinets

Dark cabinets are also quickly becoming popular, and one colour that has taken the kitchen world by storm is black. It is inspired by New York’s bars and restos with large cupboards and equally big islands in black combined with brass or copper as accents. Aside from this, high-gloss finishes are also in-style right now, not just in kitchens but in entire living areas – even when it comes to ceilings, which have high-gloss finishes that add another level of playfulness to the room. Oh, and this goes great with stainless steel and marble, too!

The bathroom

When it comes to the bathroom, the colour trends to watch out for include navy blue and white, too – which is readily understandable. It is something pointed out by show home interior designers from Blocc.co.uk.

But there’s one more trend that goes into warmer and more inviting hues and shades, and earth colours such as ochre, peach, and terracotta are becoming big – which are colours from the 1970s heavily seen not just in bathrooms but in living areas. But it somehow feels as if these colours were made for the bathroom, and aside from these colours, there is a lot of emphasis on richer greens and blues this year. So if you decide to use these, try opting for a contrast with the use of pink for the greatest impact.

And like in the past, there is an emphasis on darker colours, which is much like a boutique hotel with its elegant shades and rich luxury – something you can’t easily achieve from neutral shades!

Image attributed to Pixabay.com

Salvatore Turner