Protect Outdoor Furniture – 5 Helpful Tips

Nothing compares to a morning coffee or a barbeque dinner with friends on your backyard terrace. Still, maintaining a stylish yet functional outdoor area has some crucial aspects to consider. By no means one of them is proper furniture protection. Mostly from sun and rain. So, here are the five helpful tips you might use when creating your relaxing outdoor oasis.

Install Modern Awnings

One of the first steps – terrace owners should consider a “roof”. There’s no need to transform your house and think of a proper roof “extension”. It would take time and require a solid investment. There’s a faster way, which, by the way, is also an affordable one. We’re talking about made-to-measure, therefore, individually best outdoor awnings choice.

Trustworthy suppliers offer various waterproof, UV-protective fabrics of unique designs and colours. You can choose manually or automatically controlled mechanisms and get wind and solar sensors. In other words, it’s an easy-to-install, relatively cheap option to create a lovely shade and protect your furnishings when needed.

Use Custom Furniture Covers

Another smart investment is outdoor furniture covers. Keep in mind that custom-made ones would likely work best. They might cost a bit more, but still, not a fortune. This way, you get perfect fit covers and proper protection. Let alone the air circulation – when pieces are made according to furniture specifics (not too tight or too loose), they allow air to move freely. Therefore, there are no perfect conditions for mould or mildew to thrive.

Consider Spray-On UV Shield

Concerning furnishings’ protection from harmful UV rays, awnings work just fine. However, you can’t avoid the sun completely, especially if your terrace turns into a sunbathing area from time to time. Even then, some smart inventions ensure furnishings protection from UV rays. For instance, try specialized spray-on shields. Quality products dry without leaving marks or odour.

Seal Wooden Furniture

While furnishings could be protected with a high-quality spray-on shield, wooden details should be sealed. Various products require different sealing techniques, but still – it’s not something you need to be professional at. Just follow the instructions. You might need to repeat this process after a few years.

Consider Off-Season Furniture Storage

Having the furniture out all year round might not be the option if you live in a four-season climate (unless you’re thinking about terrace glazing). Otherwise, it’s time to consider a safe place for your furniture to winter throughout the cold season. This safe place could be a garage or an outdoor storage shed.

Maintaining a stylish and practical outdoor area requires investment. When you think about it, most of those steps need to be done just once – installing durable awnings, ordering custom covers and finding space for storage. That’s not much to do compared to the perks of a relaxing outdoor oasis. The best part – it all pays off from the first time you get to sip your coffee in the fresh air and enjoy family dinners outside.

Salvatore Turner